Government Informant Whistleblower

I am a medical device engineer, biologist, and business owner. My specialty is capability analysis of electrical bioweapons. I have been in many meetings with multiple US presidents, top US officials, and foreign leaders, including President Putin. I have been a government informant as a private citizen for over a year. I am now whistleblowing on all of the illegal and unethical technologies in use by the US government and select other governments. An electrical bioweapon has been used upon the citizens of the world. This technology is behind Havana Syndrome, and was used for much more than just what has been reported on the news. This was used to cause large-scale election fraud in the 2020 US election. This electrical bioweapon has been shared with other countries, including Ukraine. It violates many laws, regulations, and international treaties. This technology must be properly investigated and all illegal operations with this technology should stop.

Witness Testimony

Witness testimony video, detailing my full whistleblower story.


Technical document detailing capabilities of electrical bioweapon technologies in operation by the United States government and select other governments. This technology has been used to collect medical data on citizens of the world, which can be used to target them with an electrical bioweapon attack. This data is illegally shared among countries. This technology violates laws, regulations, and international treaties. It was behind the large-scale 2020 election fraud in the US 2020 election.

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