About Me

Alainah Hacker, Founder & CEO of Accugentix LLC. 

I am a medical device engineer, biologist, and entrepreneur. I started my own business officially in 2018, working in the field of personalized medicine, pharmacogenetics, and quantum biology. I have worked in the private medical device industry for 8 years. I have a wide variety of experience in many different fields, and have worked on many different types of medical devices in my career. I have detailed knowledge of bioweapon and chemical weapons. I am also very knowledgeable in the the real-world applications of quantum biology, both the scientific and engineering applications. It is a rare field to have detailed knowledge of. My experience includes designing medical devices, testing medical devices in a laboratory setting, and educating others on technologies and scientific concepts. I am familiar with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical device classifications and their approval processes. I have worked on a wide variety of medical devices, but will only detail two types of medical devices I have experience with, and that is:

(1) Radio frequency technologies used to target specific tissues in surgery

(2) Bluetooth-enabled hand-held devices with radio frequency components

With all of my experience in these technologies and my knowledge of electrical signaling in the body, whether neurological or molecular, I had accidentally encountered information pertaining to the electrical bioweapon technologies in operation around the world.  After this, I was attacked with Havana Syndrome regularly, and I am now a verified Havana Syndrome victim. I have collected much information, including technical capabilities and the engineering concepts behind electrical bioweapons.

I do not work for any governments or government contractors, however, I am an informant for the US government and other governments on the mechanisms and illegal capabilities of electrical bioweapon in use by the United States government, other select governments, and other groups. I am officially a whistleblower and I am protected by whistleblower protection laws. These technologies and situations I am whistleblowing on are illegal and unethical. They violate many laws, regulations, and international treaties. 

GoFundMe Story Video

Please watch my GoFundMe Video, it provides details of who I am and my personal situation as a government informant. My GoFundMe was initially approved after many days of an approval process and validation through GoFundMe. Unfortunately, the United States government had illegally coerced GoFundMe into removing my fundraiser. They did this with a he-said/she-said situation by claiming that their witnesses stated that some of my claims are false. I state that those claims are true experiences of mine. I have already pressed charges against both parties (United States Government and the GoFundMe) for not using the correct method in determining the truth of the situation through a court decision. This should have been decided upon with the involvement of witnesses under oath in court. Not coercion through a he-said/she-said situation. I make claims of President Biden’s sexual harassment, along with the sexual harassment I had experienced from many others in congress, the Pentagon, and in the Biden Administration in my GoFundMe story and video. This, along with many other horrible situations I have been forced into by certain governments, including the US government. They do not want this to receive any credibility, so they have tried to silence me and my abuse story by taking down my GoFundMe. 

Witness Testimony Video

Witness testimony from meetings with US Presidents, top US officials, and select foreign leaders. This is a video documenting my whole story, excluding information deemed classified.