Bioweapons vs Direct Energy

Differences between a traditional bioweapon, electrical bioweapons, direct energy weapons, and an explanation on neuroweapons.

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1 thought on “Bioweapons vs Direct Energy”

  1. Hi Alaina. I’m @crystalshen6 on Twitter. I appreciate this video from you. I’m not sure what all weapons are used on me, but according to what you say here if seems at least directed energy weapons are indeed used on me, like I’ve said for years. My face & body tissues are being melted in small & large amounts for years. It’s devastating, as the attackers deliberately degrade my appearance daily, especially when I’ll be around people while out or interacting socially. And they are also burning my brain & slowing it down, & doing many other things to my body. I’m sure you saw my tweets. I posted some really detailed Before-After-After sequences recently showing my less-mutilated state & the change after DE attacks melting facial tissues. I just was attacked brutally in the brain for over 12 hours so it’s hard to prioritize what I want to say. But I’m trying to figure out how to get my observations based on my 13 years’ cosmetic healing recognized. I know I’m unusual, but my photos are unique proof appearances are being dramatically altered. I need help finding who is doing this bizarre cruel thing to me. However, I also want to show our government that we need strong laws to prosecute even one mark intentionally made on a person’s face. This is like medieval attacks on people/women to disfigure them as punishment; & it’s not ok for anyone to burn another’s face, or figure, or brain, or internal organs. Some of us targets are being cooked alive slowly. Facial & bodily micro-mutilation are a smoking gun very few have recognized. But as long as my brain is burned & apparently swollen, I will struggle to present my understanding. I welcome any ideas. I know this is not the most organized paragraph. My head still burns from yesterday’s all-day debilitating torture. (Also, my social media screenname is just my pen name.)

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